World Health Day: Health Equity and Your Health

World Health Day is more than just a holiday meant to remind you to eat healthily and not skip your workout. This year, it’s about health equity, too. We cover everything you need to know about this year’s World Health … Continue reading

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Eat Meat as a Vegan?

When you become vegan, it may feel like you’re adopting an all-or-nothing lifestyle. In certain regards, that’s true! By definition, veganism involves zero consumption or use of animal products or byproducts. It’s not always abundantly clear, however, which foods and … Continue reading

The Truth About Vitamin D and COVID-19

Long before COVID-19 began making headlines in late 2019, vitamin D was known by the scientific community to be beneficial for more than just bone and muscle health. While vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased susceptibility to infection, more … Continue reading

What Calcium Supplement is Best for Expectant and Breastfeeding Mothers?

Expectant and breastfeeding moms have double duty: not only do they need to make sure that their babies are getting all of the nutrients they need, but they must also ensure that they themselves are properly nourished. Pregnancy and the … Continue reading

The 4 Essential Nutrients Every Vegan Needs

There’s no doubt about it;  vegan diets have been shown to produce better health outcomes than other standard diets. That doesn’t mean, however, that vegans are in the clear when it comes to perfect nutrition. In fact, there are many … Continue reading

The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide for Vegans

The holidays can feel like a particularly fraught time of year – especially if you’re concerned that the menu at your holiday get-together won’t include vegan-friendly options. Between Aunt Margie peddling her holiday cheesecake and Uncle Dave insisting that no … Continue reading

The GHT Companies to Present Final $30,000 Fundraising Check for Feeding San Diego

San Diego-based vitamin and nutraceutical developer will present donation of successful fundraising effort to local nonprofit and offer media a facility tour (Vista, CA) August 28,2020: The GHT Companies, a leading developer and distributor of nutraceutical products, will celebrate the … Continue reading

The GHT Companies Surpass $25,000 Fundraising Pledge for Feeding San Diego

San Diego-based vitamin and nutraceutical developer and supplier exceeds its original donation goal for leading food rescue organization VISTA, CALIF. (PRWEB) JULY 21, 2020 The GHT Companies, a leading developer and distributor of nutraceutical products based in San Diego County, … Continue reading

The GHT companies has been certified as an organic production facility

Vista, California — In keeping with their growing reputation as a leading producer of top-quality nutritional products and ingredients, The GHT Companies now produce organic vitamins and supplements, as well as source individual ingredients. Becoming an organic-certified facility is another step taken … Continue reading