Synergistically Vegan (Calcium + D3 + K2)

Synergistically Vegan (D3, K2, and Calcium Capsules)

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This plant-based supplement superhero is uniquely formulated with all of the vitamins needed to promote healthy bones and teeth, and to support a strong immune system.

1 month supply – 30 servings per bottle |  100% vegan and vegetarian

Product Highlights:

    • Helps strengthen the immune system
    • Supports calcium absorption and maintenance of healthy bones – K2 redirects Calcium to the bones for a D3-facilitated absorption process
    • Easily absorbed – Plant-based D3 is preferred for bioavailability over non-plant-based sources

Active Ingredients:

    • D3 made with Vitashine™ – sourced from Lichen.
    • K2 – Entirely plant-based source. Helps facilitate calcium absorption in the bones.
    • Calcium – AQUAMIN®, a calcified mineral source that is rich in calcium, magnesium and trace minerals. Derived from a calcified red algae species that grows in the cold European waters off the coast of Iceland and Ireland.

100% Vegan




No Artificial Colors

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