Vegan Calcium Supplements

Calcium With Vitamins D3 + K2 For Maximum Absorption

Our vegan calcium supplement is paired with 100% vegan vitamins D3+K2 to help your body absorb as much calcium as possible. This plant-based supplement superhero is uniquely formulated to help promote healthy bones and teeth and to support a strong immune system.

This powerhouse supplement is made with D3 from Vitashine™ (sourced from Lichen), K2 to help facilitate calcium absorption in the bones, and Calcium made from AQUAMIN®, a mineral source derived from a calcified red algae species that grows in the cold European waters off the coast of Iceland and Ireland.

Synergistically Vegan bottle
Synergistically Vegan (D3, K2, and Calcium Capsules)

Small, easy-to-swallow capsules
Immune Support | Bone Health