Our Roots

Our Vegan Life Roots

Rooted in quality and innovation: the legacy of our
parent company

Vegan Life Nutrition is one of The GHT Companies, a family of business units working together to translate scientific discovery into exceptional products. Each nutraceutical brand in the GHT line is a vehicle for introducing new breakthroughs to health-minded consumers.

The GHT Companies work directly with leading scientists in the nutraceutical industry, championing and supporting breakthrough discoveries around the world. GHT has helped discover, formulate, and create many of the gold standard products that lead the market in vegan nutraceutical science. As a result, Vegan Life Nutrition has exclusive access to some of the most cutting-edge vegan ingredients and formulations on the market. GHT’s worldwide community of scientists helps us push the boundaries—and the standards—for the entire supplement industry.

Our vegan products achieve top-tier status with an extensive quality control process that ensures every capsule, gummy, and spray meets the same high standard. GHT’s in-house manufacturing, packaging, marketing and distribution systems, as well as our expert in-house science teams, help us turn innovative formulations into highly trusted and sought-after products that always hit the mark.

You can be confident that when The GHT Companies stands behind a product, your health is in good hands.

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