I am highly impressed with this little chewable B12 tablet. I can feel the extra energy it gives me and did from day one. It tastes great too! I highly recommend!

— Jessica C.

I cannot believe how my body responded. In just a matter of weeks I really noticed the difference. I was my old self again.

— Patricia

I love these vitamins! They taste so fresh and delicious, yet not sugary so I don't feel guilty eating them. Awesome!

— Aleta E.

Easy to eat vitamins and delicious too!

— Anna L

These give me life! I have tried many different B-12 vitamins and this one is by far the one I have had the best, most pleasant experience with!

— Debbie W.

The chewable tablets are not only flavored, they make taking vitamins fun.

— Rachel K.

I have taken them for the past few days and I can already tell a difference. Thanks Vegan Life for letting me try these tablets so I am much better prepared in my journey being a Vegan.

— Shannon

Love the flavor of raspberry and I love the B12 chewable. Great!

— Susan B.

I loved these! They gave me energy without making me too jittery. I was moving at the time I tried it and the extra energy came in handy.

— Cheryl T.

Tasted better than expected! Already purchased more along with D3 vitamins.

— Teresa G.