The Plant-based Athlete: Julie Harper

At Vegan Life Nutrition, we believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than justJulie Harper obstacle course making sure your body gets the proper nutrients it needs through dieting and supplements. In fact, exercise is also a crucial part of a health and wellness journey. 

We would like you to meet Julie Harper, the ultimate plant-based athlete from Delaware who believes in taking her goals seriously, whether they be fitness goals, nutritional goals, or personal goals. 

Fitness Journey 

Julie works as a personal trainer and gym manager and switched to being completely vegan two years ago to help aid with recovery and decrease inflammation. She  inspires her clients to reach their goals by helping them overcome hurdles. Julie especially understands how challenging losing weight and gaining muscle can be, as she herself wasn’t always in fit shape. Through changing her diet and establishing a consistent workout regime, she lost almost 100 pounds and started taking her health and wellness journey seriously.  Not only does Julie work in the fitness industry, she also spends her free time training for and tackling obstacle courses such as the Spartan Race, which is the most popular obstacle course in the world and Julie has competed in 50 times. 

Vegan Lifestyle

Although Julie’s vegan journey began as a temporary solution to help her recover from workouts and a curiosity, she quickly grew to love the change in her lifestyle and has continued on her vegan journey for two years. She says that compared to the way her life was before, there is a 180° difference. “I sleep better, I feel better-I recover faster from workouts and I one hundred percent believe that it protects me from any injuries.” Overall, being vegan has allowed Julie to hit new fitness goals and has contributed to a more fulfilled health and wellness journey. 

Julie’s approach to helping others become vegan is to encourage them to try it for themselves so see how their body reacts to the changes. She fully believes that veganism has changed her body and her mind in the most positive way and that once you implement a vegan diet into your life, there is no way you can go back from it. She says the reason for this is that “when people start to feel better, they want to continue to do better for themselves.” Julie and her significant other Jason became vegan together to see if it would improve their lives or make them feel better. She says that it definitely led to drastic positive changes in both of their lives and that at 41 years old, she feels better than she ever did at 20.

Eating the Rainbow

One common misconception that Julie would like to clear up about vegans is that their only source of protein is tofu, therefore; they must eat tofu every single day. She says that this is absolutely not true. In fact, because Jason is intolerant to soy, they were able to both broaden their horizons and try new foods that they would’ve never would have thought of. In order to ensure that they are getting a full balanced diet, they “truly eat the rainbow.” Beans are a necessity throughout her diet and her favorite plant-based meal is a 4 bean chili. 

Vegan Life Nutrition is proud to be a part of so many vegan journeys.  We don’t sacrifice quality for innovation. Our products are always free of toxins, allergens, and unnecessary ingredients. How? We strictly examine raw ingredients and fully-vet each final product. Quality is our top consideration, and we adhere to the guidelines of some of the toughest regulatory authorities in the world.

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