A vegan journey beyond saving animals: Matt Unsworth

We all know that choosing to live a vegan lifestyle saves the lives of so many animals around the world, but it can also have a significant impact on the environment. Matt Unsworth began his vegan journey in an attempt to do just that; protect the environment. Matt shared his vegan journey with Vegan Life Nutrition

tree hugging

An Ethical Choice

While Matt’s primary reason for going vegan was for the environment, he says that the ethical aspect was a close second for him. He embraced veganism with the new year, and that start date was January 1, 2015.  In his free time, Matt spends quite a bit of time enjoying the beauty of nature and often finds himself connecting with the animals he meets along his walks. In his eyes, they are friends who cohabitate in the same environment we live in. He truly appreciates every moment he spends enjoying nature and meeting new friends; We definitely consider him a friend to each and every kind. 

When asked by Vegan Life Nutrition what living a vegan life feels like, he said, “it feels amazing, free of guilt and definitely healthier.” Not only does his mind feel better knowing that he is making ethical choices in life, but so does his body. He no longer gets food comas and feels that he has much more energy and stamina than he did before making the switch.

Vegan Family Dynamic

Matt shared that living a vegan lifestyle is a much wider family change.  He and his wife embraced an animal-free way of life and that extended to his wife’s family as well.  He says that many misunderstand veganism.  When asked about the vegan myths, Matt jokes, “That we’re all weird hippies or that we’re a bunch of weirdos. I mean, I am, but I’ve met others that are not.” His favorite dish in his home in the United Kingdom is vegan kabobs.  Matt says that vitamins for him offer extra insurance when he “remembers to take them.”

Reforest the Web

Matt started his company with his mindset on combining his love for the planet with his passion for web design. ‘Reforest the Web’ chooses to use its platform for good rather than greed, which is something that many of its loyal customers appreciate and cherish. For every service that they sell as a team, they plant 5 trees to contribute to reforestation. Matt’s overall mission is to help others grow their businesses while also helping to build a more sustainable world. This way, everyone grows together! Each month, they plant over 1,000 trees, which Matt says “is a feeling that cannot be beat.” 

Matt is proud to have made the choice to switch to a vegan lifestyle, and he encourages others who are considering going vegan by educating them on not only the environmental benefits but additional benefits as well. The best advice he has for anyone looking to make the switch is “living a life that does good in the world is a life worth living, so don’t delay; go vegan today!

Vegan Life Nutrition is proud to be a part of so many vegan journeys.  We don’t sacrifice quality for innovation. Our products are always free of toxins, allergens, and unnecessary ingredients. How? We strictly examine raw ingredients and fully-vet each final product. Quality is our top consideration, and we adhere to the guidelines of some of the toughest regulatory authorities in the world.

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