Why you shouldn’t go vegan cold turkey

Why you shouldn’t go vegan cold turkey

So, you’ve decided to stop eating animal products — what’s next? At this stage you have two options open to you — going vegan cold turkey or opting for more of a gradual process. While there are pros and cons to both methodologies, it’s certainly a lot easier and less shocking on many levels if you approach the change in a more deliberate way.

Changing your diet dramatically can affect your physical as well as emotional health. Think about certain foods you might have an emotional attachment to, such as the pecan pie your mom used to make for family gatherings. More significant than the act of eating the pie are the positive associations it evokes. In addition, from a physical standpoint, overhauling your diet overnight can lead to a number of unwanted side effects.

Instead of cold turkey, you may want to sit down and draw up a timeline that will allow to reach your goal by breaking up the process of becoming vegan into smaller, easier steps.

Easy does it

Some people will give up animal-based food in stages. They’ll start by eliminating all red met, then give up fowl or white meat, and then move on to dairy. This gives the body time to get used to the new foods you’ll be making as meat substitutes, such as beans, seeds, whole grains, and vegetables.

Meal planning is a vital part of adopting a vegan lifestyle. First, it’s overwhelming to be in the grocery store trying to figure out what you’ll need to sustain your new diet. Second, it’s vital that you learn to make food that includes all of the essential nutrients you’ve been getting from meat and dairy, like calcium, iron, and B12. Schedule time to research the best way to get these nutrients from plant-based options.

The gradual process

Finally, ask people who have gone through this diet change how to go vegan. Find out what worked for them and any of the pitfalls they encountered. By making this exciting lifestyle change a gradual process, you have a better chance of keeping it up for the long run. Done correctly, eating vegan can lead to looking and feeling better, along with the benefit to animals and the environment that cutting out meat provides.

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