Your plan for going vegan next year

Your plan for going vegan next year

With January just around the corner, you have probably considered some lifestyle changes to kick off the new year. Common New Year’s resolutions involve changing your eating habits from “fad” diets to more committed regimens such as transitioning to being a vegan. If you are in the latter category, you might be unsure about how to proceed as well as what the best plan is for going vegan.

However, like every major lifestyle change, sometimes the “idea” seems more overwhelming than the actual process, and the same goes for veganism. By approaching the vegan lifestyle systematically, you will be able to slowly acclimate your body to healthier eating habits. The secret is just to take it step-by-step!

Perhaps you don’t eat much meat already, and that is the perfect way to begin the journey to veganism. Making small changes to you daily food intake will gradually shift your diet, but the long-term results will be radical! Perhaps not tomorrow, but in six months, you will hardly recognize the contents of your pantry and your fridge as you develop a more vegan lifestyle.

This is the year!

If you are doubtful that such a serious resolution will succeed, be assured that this is the year that you will become a vegan! Just as you would prepare for running a marathon, you will need to create a “going vegan plan” for the new year.

Before you even start to make your plan, you must identify your motivation. Whether that reason is about eating healthy, ethics, or simply because of personal convictions, it is important for you to understand why you want to become vegan. With this foundation, you will be ready to map out a schedule that will guide you on your journey to veganism.

 Here are a few  strategies that can help you with your planning:

· Consider yourself as a vegetarian which will serve as a precursor to veganism. Find vegetarian meals that entice your palate while making a list of common meat products that you won’t necessarily miss on the table.

· Second, experiment with plant-based substitutes for products like milk. You will have a diverse number of choices from almond to flax. Find what works best for you.   

· Third, schedule major adjustments such as eliminating eggs while allowing enough time for your body to adapt to their absence as well as to the supplemented vegan alternatives.

· Fourth, embrace and emphasize all the positives of being vegan by reminding yourself daily why you are making this lifestyle choice.

Reap the benefits of veganism by discovering new foods and cooking techniques. Reach out to the vegan community to make meaningful relationships with others that are like-minded. This will keep you strong and resourceful as you transition to veganism.

Don’t make these mistakes

As you’re brainstorming your plan for going vegan, be careful not to become overzealous and make your lifestyle changes too quickly. Though going “cold turkey” appears attractive since it’s faster,  the side effects of going vegan cold turkey can be harmful.

Cutting out all animal products at once could leave you craving for foods which will either cause you to overeat or even break down and consume meat. As a result, you’ll be neither a vegan nor eating healthy.

At Vegan Life Nutrition we feel that you’ll have more success making the transition to veganism if you take is slowly. Do your homework and find easy starter recipes. Make one meal per day your vegan meal until you’re comfortable with the change. Consider adding supplements such as vitamin D3 and B12 to your diet because these two essential nutrients are mostly found in dairy and meat products.

We’ve developed plant-based supplements that are of high quality, are gluten-free, and are all natural.  Our goal is to ensure that you stay healthy and thrive as you make the transition to veganism.