Thinking of going vegan? Here’s what you need…

Thinking of going vegan? Here’s what you need…

A growing number of people are beginning to recognize the health benefits of going vegan. Even those who have previously eschewed meat, but have eaten dairy and fish are making the switch from vegetarian to vegan. So, do we recommend you simply start fresh tomorrow by cutting out all animal products and leaving everything else the same? Absolutely not. You’d most likely experience fatigue, nutrient deficiency, and other unpleasant side effects of a sudden dietary change without planning.

Before embarking on this exciting new lifestyle, consider following a few common sense rules. For example, try starting slowly by designating one meal a day as a vegan meal. Once you’re comfortable with that, develop a schedule by which you’re going to convert the other two meals, leaving time in between each to allow your body to adjust. Another helpful tool is to create a checklist of nutritious foods to keep in the house. A common mistake is to suddenly find yourself in a state of starvation and reaching for the most convenient, least healthy snack food that contains no animal products in your cupboards, like potato chips.

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The essential pantry items

The best vegan food is minimally processed, whole food and items that are naturally high in plant protein to help you feel full longer. As with any dietary program, packaged and processed foods such as crackers are generally going to provide little nutritious benefits. It’s always good to keep canned food like fruits, vegetables, beans, and vegan soups on hand for those times when you haven’t had a chance to get to the grocery store for fresh options.

Also, since you’ll be losing a large source of protein by cutting out dairy and meat, focus on getting the equivalent amount through vegetables and legumes. Beans and products made with beans like hummus, peas, quinoa, chia seeds, nuts, tempeh, peanut butter, and tofu all contain healthy, vegan protein.

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Vitamins and supplements

Finally, consider taking supplements for vegans. Regardless of your dietary regimen, achieving the recommended daily allowance of some nutrients, such as Vitamin D3 and B12, can be difficult. Going vegan can be a big step toward living a healthier life when done properly.

Vegan Life Nutrition has developed high quality, plant-based supplements to support the vegan lifestyle. Our products are gluten-free, all natural, and easily digested. Our goal is to help you make transitioning to veganism a smooth and healthy process.

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