Vegans Poop Too: Veganism and Your Digestive Health

Vegans Poop Too: Veganism and Your Digestive Health

Many of us read the book “Everyone Poops” when we were children. The book isn’t wrong: everyone does poop—even vegans. What may be more surprising than that news is the way in which a vegan diet affects your digestive health.

A vegan diet can help digestive health in many ways. What you put into your body determines what you put out. The smell, shape, and color of your bowel movements are all affected by your diet. Gastroenterological research shows that a plant-based diet can lead to easier and healthier bowel movements. If you have concerns about the frequency, consistency, or ease of your bowel movements, switching to a vegan diet may help.

How a Vegan Diet Can Help Your Digestive Health

Research shows that high-fat, meat-focused diets can actually make your bowel movements less frequent and more uncomfortable. By contrast, a plant-focused diet containing lots of whole plant foods makes digestion and elimination far healthier. The key difference? Fiber.

Fiber is the main component that keeps waste moving through your intestinal system. Plant-based diets focused on including many whole fruits, vegetables, and legumes are naturally rich in fiber that keeps your intestinal system running smoothly. This leads to more consistent, well formed poop. A diet containing large quantities of meat and dairy products, however, contains substantially less fiber and can lead to more uncomfortable and infrequent bowel movements. [1]

Making the Transition to Veganism

If you’re seeking better bowel movements, there are a few things to consider before transitioning to a vegan diet. While the long term benefits of going vegan such as improved heart health and kidney functioning are undeniable, it’s always best to adjust your diet slowly. [2]

Bloating, low energy and unintentional weight loss are just a few of the issues some people encounter when they go vegan cold turkey. A quick switch from a meat-heavy diet to a vegan one can actually lead to more digestive upset such as constipation or diarrhea. If your previous dietary preferences are drastically different from a vegan diet, it may be better to ease into a new way of eating rather than making an abrupt change. [3]

Another factor to consider when thinking about making the switch to veganism is your overall nutrition. Getting all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs is essential to maintaining healthy internal systems – digestion included. Some people find it difficult to get all of the essential nutrients their bodies need when they initially switch to veganism. Luckily, supplementing is easy. Check out the resources below to discover the best 100% vegan supplements to support your healthy lifestyle.

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