Can supplements help to prevent the flu?

Can supplements help to prevent the flu?

Getting the flu is the worst. A sore throat from coughing and sneezing is inconvenient, but then throw in a flu’s fever, severe body aches, and uncontrollable chills and things are downright unbearable. Though rarely life-threatening, the flu can be a long-lasting virus. Once you’ve gotten the bug you may be susceptible to getting it again — especially during the winter. Now that the flu season is fast approaching us you may be wondering what you can do to prevent contracting the virus.

Your best defense against the flu is your immune system. A healthy immune system will not just combat the flu but will also promote your overall health in addition to helping you stay active. Unsure if your immune system is at its best? Thankfully, multiple supplements to prevent the flu are available on the market. Made from natural ingredients, these supplements will boost your immune system and help you to be healthier.

Supplements you should take during flu season

Supplements are basically concentrated doses of key minerals and vitamins that are essential for your immune system to stay healthy. A select number of these nutrients are very important immunity-boosters which will help you to avoid getting sick.

If you want to beat the flu season, the supplements you should take include antioxidant herbs such as grape seed extract and acai berry extract. Antioxidants are vital for your immune system since they prevent or slow damage to the cells caused by infection. Bioflavonoids such as rutin are also important supplements since they share similar antioxidant properties. Check for these key ingredients when looking for flu-fighting supplements.

The best method to prevent the flu

Think of taking supplements as another precautionary flu shot against the virus. Your best bet in making this winter flu-free is maintaining your overall good health. Add an immune-boosting supplement to your other routines such as washing hands and getting rest.

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