Tips on switching to vegan from vegetarian

Tips on switching to vegan from vegetarian

Vegetarianism can be a stepping stone on the way to removing meat and all other animal byproducts from your diet. For many people, it’s easier than going from their current way of eating to veganism overnight. As a vegetarian, you’ve already begun to put some of the lifestyle changes into place. You can feel good about the fact that you’re not supporting animal farming which is not only kinder to the animals themselves, but also to the environment.

However, the biggest impact in terms of the good you’re doing for animals, the Earth, and your own body happens when you take the next step and remove dairy products and all other foods that contain animal byproducts from your diet. Before doing so, though, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting into. Research tips on switching to vegan from vegetarian, and make sure you have plenty of support in place, whether among friends and family or a group of others going through the same transition as you.

Making the leap

One of the most important tips that people who are already vegans offer to those who are making the leap for the first time is to accept the fact that cooking is likely going to play a larger role in their lives. Because it is difficult to find pre-prepared and other convenience foods that are vegan, you’ll need to start making a lot of the meals you eat from scratch.

It only takes a few minutes of surfing the internet, however, to realize how many website, blogs, and Pinterest boards are filled with delicious, new recipes to try, and they’re free of charge. Once you get the hang of cooking vegan dishes, you might be surprised at how delicious the food is and how quickly your cravings for banned foods will dissipate.

Getting help from friends

Everything is easier with support from friends. Ask around for good meat-free recipes and other tips on switching to veganism. And, once you’ve mastered to art of vegan cooking, invite friends over for a meal to demonstrate how food can be both delicious and nutritious without containing any animal products.

Although switching to a vegan diet has many beneficial outcomes, there is one potential pitfall. There are a few key nutrients, like Vitamin B12 and calcium, for which it’s difficult to meet the recommended daily allowance on a meat and dairy-free diet. Fortifying a healthy diet with daily supplements is a good way to help you meet the RDA and avoid developing a deficiency. Most vegan websites provide a list of vegan supplement suggestions and the companies that manufacture them.

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