Is it time to quit the vegan life?

Is it time to quit the vegan life?

Nearly everyone who has made the decision to go meat and dairy free has had a fantasy or two about quitting veganism. The truth is, eating vegan takes time and determination. For example, the first thing most vegans miss is the convenience associated with stopping in somewhere for a quick bite when they’re on the go. While there are restaurants and coffee shops at nearly every stop along the highway, finding one with a good, filling, meat-free option on the menu is far less common.

Another reason why some vegans consider eating meat again is they may secretly find themselves hankering for a big, juicy steak from time to time. And, they may worry that their body is trying to tell them that they’re lacking in an important nutrient like iron. However, experiencing cravings is normal and can be as simple as a certain smell bringing back good memories. Perhaps the aroma of beef grilling on the barbeque reminds you of fun summer weekends, cooking outdoors and relaxing with your family.

Before you grab that burger

One way to combat the urge to quit veganism is to make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients in your diet. Feeling tired and unmotivated can be the result of poor eating habits. Simply going back to eating meat will not solve this problem. While everyone should pay attention to what they’re putting in their mouths, vegans need to be extra careful about taking in better calories. Rather than filling up on empty carbohydrates like sugary treats or white bread, shoot for things made with whole grains, and make sure to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and legumes.

Another rule of thumb is that vegans often need to eat more in order to replace the protein, iron, and other important nutrients that they were previously getting by consuming meat. Think about the reasons why you became a vegan in the first place. There are so many benefits, and when done properly, this way of eating can lead to a much healthier lifestyle overall.

Think about this

The reality is, even if you’re eating plenty of nutrient-rich foods, there are some common deficiencies that may occur. Getting enough Vitamin D3, for example, is difficult. Staying vegan can lead to a lack of certain vitamins in your diet, but there is help out there.

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