Being the lone-vegan in a non-vegan home

Being the lone-vegan in a non-vegan home

Veganism takes dedication. Whether you have turned to veganism for health, ethical, or lifestyle reasons, you’ve probably experienced the many challenges that veganism entails. However, these challenges become compounded when you are the lone vegan living in a house of non-vegans.

Maybe you are the only person in your family that is a vegan, or you live with a significant other who doesn’t appreciate your change in lifestyle. Either way, you’ve most likely started feeling disgruntled about being the odd man out, especially if the people you live with are die-hard meat-eaters. It isn’t easy being confident and happy with veganism if you are constantly being surrounded by meat-product biases.

Thankfully, there are some tips which can help you to overcome some of these challenges as well as increase the enjoyment that’s to be had from a vegan lifestyle. The first tip is to take the initiative, and lay down the ground rules. When living with non-vegans under the same roof, sharing the fridge and cooking surfaces can become tricky subjects. Decide for yourself what you are comfortable with and stick to it.

Though tedious at first, the people you live with will appreciate knowing your wishes from the get-go, and this will help to strengthen your relationships through mutual respect and understanding. Part of the vegan lifestyle is taking ownership for your habits, and this includes your cooking habits as well. If you are a solo vegan, don’t expect your roommates to cook with your diet in mind. Preparing separate meals is perhaps the best policy and will help you establish boundaries with your friends and family.

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Part of becoming confident in your vegan lifestyle is taking the time to identify just why your lifestyle choice is important to you. By understanding your reasons for being vegan, the better you will be able to communicate your perspective to those with whom you live. This doesn’t mean preaching veganism to anyone who will listen, but being ready to explain why you do specific meal planning and grocery shopping.

In a house of non-vegans, they will have a lot of questions about why you chose to become a vegan. The benefits of being prepared for these questions are numerous. You will build credibility among those you love, and boost your own confidence as a vegan as well as being even more invested as a lone-vegan. Best of all, such conversations may open the door to your family and friends to embrace veganism.

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Part of understanding the vegan lifestyle is knowing the facts. Being a lone-vegan doesn’t mean you get stuck with a salad at the family barbeque. By doing a little research, you’ll find a vast number of easy recipes to create delicious meals to tantalize your palate, and everyone is completely animal free.

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