The 3 Most Common Questions for Vegans

most common questions for vegans

There are so many stereotypes floating around regarding those who choose to eat a vegan diet and why. Some people think that diets that don’t contain animal products have no flavor. They liken a vegetarian diet to eating twigs and other things that taste like cardboard. Others wonder why you’ve chosen to go meatless. Is it health-related or are you taking a stand against the consumption of animals for food?

There are many reasons why an increasing number of people have become interested in a plant-based diet. But whether eating vegan is a matter of ethics for you or you’re simply trying to cut down on consuming fats, it’s hard to avoid the myths about vegans. Being labeled as a hippie or a militant who attends protests or throws red paint on women wearing fur coats are just a few of the biases you may face when others discover your dietary preference.

The 3 Most Common Questions for Vegans

The truth is, when you decide to adopt the vegan lifestyle, there are a few common questions for which you’ll need to be prepared.

Where does your protein come from?

It’s astounding how uninformed many folks are regarding the fact that there are good plant-based sources of protein, such as quinoa, chia seeds, lentils, peas, nuts, and more.

Why Did You Become A Vegan?

Another oft-asked query is whether it’s animals or health that lead you to give up meat. In many cases, it’s a whole combination of things rather than any one particular reason, including, but not limited to, concern over animal cruelty, the high-fat level in the typical American diet, animal and chemical waste in the water system, and the large role farm animals play in greenhouse gases.

Do You Want A Bite?

People can often assume that, despite having sworn off meat, you secretly crave it. This sometimes can come off as insensitive, so if you are around vegan friends and family, it’s best to assume that they are proud to stick with their vegan diet and don’t intend to stray.

There are good questions too

Rather than becoming irritated, though we understand how that can happen, why not take these opportunities to gently educate people? Consider it a bonus if the information you provide ends up converting friends to veganism. While it’s true that you will face many questions about veganism, it doesn’t have to be considered a negative. The reality is that most people will be quite surprised when they hear the facts.

Check out the going vegan survival kit information on the Vegan Life Nutrition website for more tips and information. And, regardless of what others say, feel comfortable with the knowledge that you’ve made the right decision for yourself personally.