Not all plant-based diets are equal. Some have real problems.

Not all plant-based diets are equal. Some have real problems.

There are plenty of advantages to a plant-based diet. Improved digestion, heart health and blood cholesterol levels and weight loss are some of the personal benefits you can realize. Not to mention the reduction in both greenhouse gasses and cruelty to animals that occur when you commit to eating only plants. 

Even if you can’t make the full jump to veganism but choose plant foods the majority of the time, there’s evidence that you’ll still lower your chances of having a heart attack or getting diseases such as cancer and diabetes. The health advantages that result from choosing a vegan diet are hefty, but there are pitfalls as well. 

Take what you need

A common misconception surrounding the topic of eating a plant-based diet is that it would be impossible to get enough protein. Many plants are packed with protein. To name a few: peas, kidney beans, nuts, lentils, and chickpeas all contain a good amount. And they don’t have the unhealthy fats that are in meat and dairy products. With proper attention you can get almost all of the nutrients you need from plants. But simply “going vegan” is not enough. You must also commit to living a healthier lifestyle in general. 

For example, soda, candy and potato chips could be considered vegan as they often don’t contain animal products. What they do contain is a whopping amount of fat, calories and simple carbohydrates and they provide little in the way of nutritional value. Regardless of whether you call yourself a vegetarian, carnivore or vegan, examining the content of your diet is vital. Eliminating processed foods and choosing those that contain only healthy nutrients is a good start.

Plant-based healthiness

A healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, stress management and eating clean. Learning to make the best plant-based meal options takes time at first, but the benefits are worth it. 

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