Going Vegan as a New Year’s Resolution

Going vegan as a New Year’s resolution

The holiday season is nearly upon us and that means the New Year is, too. The year 2020 already promises big changes, and perhaps you are feeling ready for a major change as well. Healthy resolutions are always popular at the start of a new year and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to kick-start the next year with a better figure and more vibrant well-being?

If you are contemplating making your New Year’s resolution a change to your diet, consider going vegan. Veganism may sound extreme, but it is actually extremely beneficial for you health as well as being eco-friendly.

Most diet fads are short-lived because of the lack of visible results. However, veganism yields multiple short-term results such as weight loss as well as long-term results such as better heart health and clearer skin. If you are looking for a method that will help you accomplish your goals for 2020, veganism may be just the trick.

 All of the benefits that come with it

Being vegan provides many benefits for you. Perhaps veganism’s most attractive attribute is that you will feel better. Since it is a plant-based diet, your digestive system won’t be bogged down by processed foods or fat-dense proteins from meat products.

The vegan diet is typically made of organically grown fresh produce, so vegans tend to live healthier lives than most people. Unlike the average American’s diet, vegans are not likely to become obese or be at high-risk for cancer.[1]

In addition to enjoying good health, vegans may inadvertently lose weight thanks to their diet. Consisting of primarily fruits and veggies, veganism will naturally cut out a lot of junk food which means you will be slimmer than ever.[2]

Of course, these are only some of the good reasons why you should make your New Year’s resolution to go vegan. Depending upon how seriously you take your plant-based lifestyle, you can reap other benefits such as a reduced carbon footprint, more ethical treatment of animals and preventing water waste. This is why many believe veganism is better for the environment.

 Start planning now to do it the right way

Although 2020 is still a month or so away, a little preparation goes a long way if your New Year’s resolution is to go vegan. To become vegan is not something achieved overnight, and even the most die-hard vegan will recommend that you slowly eliminate animal products from your diet. This gradual process allows you body to acclimate to a plant-based diet.

Vegan Life Nutrition, a plant-based supplement company that caters to the vegan community, provides you with a list of reasons why you shouldn’t go vegan cold turkey, explaining that any sudden lifestyle change can make your body vulnerable to shock and cravings. If you want to be healthier by going vegan, taking it one step at a time will encourage long-term success as well as give you the freedom to explore your options as a vegan.

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