Common health problems among vegans

Common health problems among vegans

There is no shortage of articles comparing the lifestyles of vegans vs. meat eaters. Since the popularization of veganism, people have been debating the health benefits and consequences of plant based diets. While plant based diets have been shown to have a variety of merits, there are also vegan health issues to consider when embarking on a new diet. 

Common health problems among vegans are typically due to reduced vitamin intake. There are higher rates of strokes in vegans, possibly because of the low cholesterol levels in plant products.1 Although this increased risk of stroke is correlated with plant based diets, it could also be attributed to personal medical history or other non dietary factors. However, if you adhere to a plant based diet, it is crucial to make sure you still get all the nutrients you need.

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The pros outweigh the cons

As with any diet, there are pros and cons of going vegan. In addition to the risk of hemorrhagic strokes, vegans and vegetarians must also be careful to prevent malnutrition, particularly in vegan children. However, there are plenty of vegan health benefits as well. Studies show that vegans have lower risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.2 Furthermore, there is evidence that vegans may even live longer on average than their meat eating counterparts. 

When it comes to the health benefits of plant based diets, the proof is in the soy milk pudding. But that doesn’t mean all vegans are automatically healthy. Even the strictest vegan has to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The secret to being a healthy vegan

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Although vegans have an advantage over meat eaters when it comes to staying healthy, it is still important to take an active approach to your wellness. Engaging in healthy vegan practices, exercising, and making nutritionally balanced meals are the main steps to living a healthy vegan life. 

If you’re worried about your vitamin intake, check out the plethora of dietary supplements made for vegans. A plant based diet doesn’t mean you have to forgo all the valuable nutrients found in animal products. And for more information about the impact of a vegan lifestyle, visit our site to learn about the best tips for vegans and everything you never wanted to know about vegan poop.

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