Can you date outside your diet?

Can you date outside your diet?

Going vegan is more than just a diet. Depending upon how serious you are about veganism, it will influence many aspects of your daily life from clothes to cosmetics and even your relationships.

Veganism is a plant-based diet typically founded on ethical convictions such as being environmentally friendly or taking a stance on animal rights. If you find yourself in either of those categories, you may be wondering how veganism will affect other aspects of your life such as dating. Can you date outside your diet? What would dating non-vegans look like?

Taking the time to think about these important questions will prepare you for the possibility of dating a non-vegan. Reflect on what dinner dates will look like with a non-vegan as well a long-term relationship. This kind of foresight will help you avoid awkward moments over meals.

Vegans and Non-Vegan Couples

The key to dating a non-vegan is keeping a healthy perspective on things. Although veganism may be extremely important to you, it might not be for your partner and, in the end, it’s just another difference and doesn’t need to be a deal breaker. If your partner shows you respect for your lifestyle choice and is supportive, you’ve got a keeper!

Vegans dating non-vegans is possible, but success does require a few important components. Along with mutual respect, you and your partner must be open to communicating. By sharing with your partner insight into why you became a vegan, your partner will be able to better understand and appreciate your lifestyle change. Likewise, you must be ready to listen to your partner’s side. Who knows, after sharing, you partner may make the choice to benefit from veganism’s healthy lifestyle as well.

Inter-dietary couples

With the right perspective and preparation, any couple can thrive, even inter-dietary ones. However, as you develop your relationship with a non-vegan, don’t lose sight of your commitment to veganism. Staying healthy must be a priority for you. Although being vegan is far healthier than the mainstream diet, there is one drawback. Unlike a meat-heavy diet, a plant-based diet requires that you consume a lot more vegetables in order to meet your daily nutritional requirements.

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