True vegan

True vegan

Whether you’re currently eating a vegan diet or making the change now, congratulations! You have made the decision to do something good for your body, and that is always a step in the right direction. Eating vegan has been linked to many positive health outcomes, from lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels to the numbers on the scale.

Any time you make changes to your diet, however, it’s important to make sure you’re getting all the essential vitamins your body needs to be at its best.

Make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need

As a vegan, it’s possible you may experience a deficiency in Vitamin B12. This is because many of the main sources of B12 are animal products. D3 is another potential deficiency to look out for, though this is not at all limited to vegans.

The entire population is seeing an alarming trend toward low D3 levels, regardless of dietary preferences. Because your body runs the most efficiently when your meet the RDA of all vitamins and minerals, supplementation may be necessary.

Supplements that align with your dietary choices

If you’ve decided to take a vitamin, specifically one that is most prevalent in meat or dairy, does that mean you have to resort to ingesting supplements made from animal products? This is the challenge we set out to conquer when developing the Vegan Life Nutrition brand.

Our vitamin supplements come from a special organic plant-like moss called Lichen. Lichen has the unique ability to grow and accumulate nutrients such as Vitamin D3 and B12. Supplements derived from Lichen provide all the health benefits of vitamins created from animal byproducts, but are sourced from healthy, naturally grown plants.

VLN gives you the ability to stay true to your vegan diet while getting the important vitamins you need.