Should you try going vegan for one month?

Should you try going vegan for one month?

If you read magazines or pay attention to celebrity chatter, you may have noticed an uptick in the number of rich and famous people who count themselves as vegan. And, when asked, they will extol the numerous benefits to your health, to animal rights, and to the natural environment that go along with this lifestyle. The arguments for consuming a plant-based diet are pretty convincing which may have you curious about trying to go vegan for one month just to see what all the fuss is about.

To be successful, it’s important to plan ahead. Make some time to learn about easy make-at-home recipes, local restaurants with vegan options on the menu, and popular substitution items, such as soy milk or vegan cheese. Then visit the grocery store and load up on ingredients for a good number of meals as well as snacks. Doing this will help you avoid the trap of getting overly hungry and eating anything within arm’s reach — animal product or not.

30 days

One month of being a vegan is a fair test to see if it’s feasible and enjoyable for you. Keep in mind, however, that you’re committing to an entire lifestyle change not simply cutting a few favorite food items from your repertoire. Eating vegan requires a pretty serious diet change, one that will have you reading labels, finding apps that direct you to vegan-friendly establishments, and facing down cravings (in the beginning) that will threaten to derail your plans.

The good news is that eating a plant-based diet means a lot of healthy changes. You will no longer be chowing down on high fat, high cholesterol foods. But you don’t want to rely on simple carbohydrates like bread and crackers either. Make sure you’re still getting all the nutrients you need, some of which you’ve probably gotten mainly from animal products in the past, like calcium.

Maybe longer?

Whether you have your heart set on being a vegan permanently or are just testing out veganism, researching menus, carefully planning your grocery store trips, and getting the skinny on the best vegan bakeries and restaurants in the area will all lead to a better outcome. Flying by the seat of your pants generally doesn’t end well with this type of lifestyle change.

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