You can transition to a vegan diet

You can transition to a vegan diet

Have you ever wondered if you really could transition to a vegan diet? You see so many celebrities and even athletes doing so and think it must be easy for them because they have support staff. The reality is, if you’re committed to eating healthy and interested in the many benefits to the environment and animal welfare that are associated with a vegan diet, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying.

Some people considering veganism are already vegetarians and want to go the distance by removing all animal-based foods from their diet. And others want to make the transition straight to a vegan diet, without starting with vegetarianism and making the next step to veganism. Regardless of which category you fall into, you can do it. It takes commitment, but we believe you’ll be very pleased with the results which may include weight loss, lowered cholesterol, improved energy, and much more.

Everybody is different

You’ve probably heard stories of friends who have already gone through the transition to being vegan. They’re eager to share the ups and downs they went through, but keep in mind that everyone’s experience is going to be unique. While it’s great to find a supportive community of family and friends to help along the way, try not to compare yourself to any one person.

Most importantly, take your time. After all, you’ve probably been eating one way for decades. Transitioning to be a vegan shouldn’t be an overnight proposition. One way to make the path a smoother one is to plan ahead. Look up easy starter recipes and go to your grocery store with a list of everything you’ll need. This will help you keep your eye on the goal without getting frustrated by how much you’ll need to learn.

What you should avoid

As we mentioned, don’t worry about following someone else’s plan. Make this your journey, and approach it with your own needs and goals in mind. It’s important to be flexible as well. Did you give in to a slice of pepperoni pizza last night? Don’t be hard on yourself; simply start again today with a renewed commitment. Going vegan cold turkey can be a shock to both your brain and your body.

At Vegan Life Nutrition, we recommend making the transition to veganism slowly and deliberately. Check the site for helpful tips like information on some of the potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies that commonly occur as a result of a vegan diet. We believe that the benefits of a vegan diet far outweigh the downsides and wish you the best of luck on your journey.