Even more reasons to go vegan

Even more reasons to go vegan

When eating a totally plant-based diet was first gaining popularity, some of the most commonly cited reasons to go vegan had to do with moral objections surrounding animal farming and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases the industry produced. Over time, research has pointed to more reasons as to why you would choose to eat a diet free of meat and dairy foods. For one, removing these items from your diet is better for your heart health because it cuts down significantly on the amount of saturated fats and cholesterol you ingest.

Another enticing factor is that vegetable, grains,and beans, the staples of a vegan diet, cost a lot less than animal products like cheese and milk. And the ease of eating this way is improving as more people are choosing it. Grocery stores, restaurants, and food manufacturing companies are all paying attention to the growing trend and are aloffering more vegan options.

Starting now!

If you’ve been considering going vegan this year, you couldn’t have picked a better time. It isn’t just a hot, new trend among the rich and famous, although you’ll find a number of high-profile people who count themselves in this category. Even for average people, the reasons to go vegan are more pressing than ever.

It’s hard to ignore the growing body of research that points to the disadvantages associated with eating meat and dairy products. One of the most concerning is the prevalence of chemicals used in animal farming. Medications such as antibiotics and growth hormones that are routinely given to animals are making their way into our food supply. If you consume meat and dairy products every day, you are risking exposure to these chemicals.

Need a push?

Many nutritionists will recommend that you don’t go vegan cold turkey, because you may experience unpleasant side effects from a sudden change in diet. Instead, consider a “step down process” in which you slowly remove animal byproducts from you diet over time. If you’re interested in getting help going vegan, there are numerous online resources available about eating a vegan diet, and adopting a vegan lifestyle.

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