Will you miss meat after going vegan?

Will you miss meat after going vegan?

If you are going vegan, you may be eager to begin experiencing the benefits such as more energy, less toxins, and better health. However, you may also harbor concerns such as the possibility of missing meat in your diet.

Today’s culture is overly saturated with a meat and dairy products. Heavily advertised on TV,  in grocery stores, and fast food chains, meat and dairy products are difficult to avoid. Considering America’s “steak and potatoes” stereotype, you may be worried that not eating meat may give you acute cravings. Even if you don’t crave animal products outright in the form of chicken wings, what about cheese or eggs? Will a vegan diet effectively lessen your desire for foods that have the texture, flavor, and smell of meat?

Some do, some don’t

Unfortunately, the short answer to these questions is that some vegans still experience meat cravings while others don’t. However, the positive news vastly outweighs the negative. Though some vegans do experience cravings, they are mild and occasional, usually for only a few animal products such as a fast food sandwich or their favorite brand of ice cream.

When comparing these cravings to the benefits, vegans have little trouble quelling the temporary desires. Having a strong conviction or motivation for being vegan goes a long way to helping overcome these cravings. Many vegans share that even the most enticing hotdog isn’t worth compromising their health or ethics. Also, vegans seek out alternatives that are comparative to their meat counterparts; for example, completely plant-based meatballs that have savory flavor and juices are often a substitute.

In contrast, those who say they have experienced strong meat cravings usually blame going vegan “cold turkey” instead of going with a gradually changing palate. By shocking the body with a new diet, its immediate response is to crave what it was used to, especially if the person is not supplementing nutrition with vitamins. For this reason, many vegans recommend a slow transition with plenty of preparation through research and planning. Therefore, if you don’t what to miss meat after going vegan, the best deterrent is some foresight.

Don’t miss the benefits

If you are going vegan, don’t let meat cravings prevent you from being successful. Since these cravings usually stem from your body’s need for certain nutrients derived from animal products, why not get those nutrients in the form of supplements?

Vegan Life Nutrition has developed numerous products for vegans to supplement meat benefits. From B12 chewables to D3 soft gels, Vegan Life Nutrition’s supplements are high-quality and tested to nourish your body complementary to a vegan diet. By simply adding these supplements to your daily routine, your craving for meat will diminish as you’re changing your diet.