Going vegan in college

Going vegan in college

Living the college scene is not easy. Between classes, sporting events. and dorm life, many students can’t find the time to eat a balanced cafeteria meal, much less prepare healthier options outside of the cafeteria. Also, considering the high-stress environment college creates especially during exam week, the risk for the freshman fifteen increases even more.

If you are a college student, you’ve probably experienced the vicious cycle of stress-eating and unwanted weight-gain, but did you know that going vegan may be a solution to ending the cycle?  In fact, the best time to go vegan is in college.

Just think about the foods that primarily make up the typical college student’s diet: pizza, coffee, donuts — all high in fat, sodium, and sugar. Over-consumption of these kinds of foods does more harm than good by compromising the immune system. As a result, many college students become exhausted and constantly sick as well as packing on those extra, unwanted pounds.

In contrast, the benefits of going vegan are innumerable. From encouraging healthier diets to boosting energy levels, veganism is more than the practical choice. If you are currently in college, exploring these benefits will prove that now is the best time to go vegan.

The best time to do it

If you are curious about going vegan in college, what would be the benefits of taking the time and commitment to transition? One of the biggest pluses is having a consistent source of energy that isn’t caffeine induced. By eating a balanced plant-based diet rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, your body will become more efficient in converting food into energy so that you can keep your daily routine running without the fatigue.

The next benefit is maintaining optimum health. Veganism promotes immunity building so that you won’t get every bug circulating around your dorm which means less time at the health center.

Finally, munchies are a problem for many college students, but veganism can combat that by cutting out highly processed foods or animal products that trigger cravings. Also, vegans have to worry less about counting calories since those consumed by munching on carrots are far less than eating a bag of chips.

However, if health is not your main motivation to become vegan, there are other benefits that may do the trick. Some college students going vegan make the commitment out of concern for their wallet rather than their health. Veganism can be key to saving money by cutting out meat products which tend to be more expensive than leafy greens and fruits.

The best way to do it

So, after weighing the possible pros and cons of becoming vegan, maybe you’re ready to switch out the college diet for a vegan one. However, veganism for college students doesn’t happen overnight. According to Vegan Life Nutrition, drastic lifestyle changes are never healthy.

Describing the reasons why you shouldn’t go vegan cold turkey, Vegan Life Nutrition provides practical steps to help you embark on your vegan journey. A valuable resource for beginner and long-time vegans, Vegan Life Nutrition does more than develop plant-based products. Check out Vegan Life Nutrition today, and experience everything veganism can offer!