Why do we give away free supplements?

Why do we give away free supplements?

Have you ever been in the grocery store and come upon an employee offering free samples, small quantities of a product you’d never even considered buying in the past? Quite often, you find it delicious and right then and there decide to add the item to your cart. So, why did you go so long avoiding that delicious item that you could have been enjoying?

Human beings are creatures of habit, and for the most part, will always tend toward the known quantity. Even the most adventurous sort can’t afford to pick up new, untried items every week at the supermarket. Chances are good that some of that food will get thrown out, and that’s not cost effective.

That’s why Vegan Life Nutrition offers free supplement samples of our high quality, organic, additive-free supplements. We understand that health-conscious consumers who are considering supplements can’t afford to try every product on the market. We give you the ability to have a free sample sent via mail right to your front door.

We know you’ll like them

The benefits of taking supplements are many, particularly if you are committed to not consuming animal products. Whether you’re new to the vegan lifestyle or have been living free of animal products for years, however, you know that it’s difficult to find supplements that are made with 100% vegan materials. Vitamins like B12 and minerals like calcium are found almost exclusively in animal sources.

When you commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet, you have to research all the products that you are considering. Most likely, the number which are derived from animal byproducts will surprise you. For example, B12 supplements are almost always derived from sheep’s wool.

The mission of VLN is to produce high quality, easily absorbed supplements free of animal byproducts and artificial ingredients. We offer free samples because we know that consumers will be very satisfied with the purity and effectiveness of our products.

Tell your friends

Going vegan is a big commitment. It takes time and effort to figure out how to alter everything, from the food you eat to the products you use on your hair. But being vegan has benefits that extend beyond your own health. By not buying animal products, you can help the environment and reduce the suffering of animals in animal farming operations.

Get your free supplements by filling out a short address form on the VLN website. Discover why people are sending their friends our way. We produce products that help our consumers maintain good health while using only the purest of ingredients.