Going vegan will reduce your carbon footprint

Going vegan will reduce your carbon footprint

With global warming on the rise, more and more people are making decisions based on how environmentally friendly they are. Perhaps you have taken consideration of the environmental impacts your lifestyle may have on the world, too. From reusable water bottles to sustainable food, these lifestyle choices will reduce your carbon footprint and do good for the environment.

However, have you ever thought about making a major change in your diet to benefit the world? Recognizing that animal waste and animal by-products are huge contributors to the globe’s greenhouse emissions, environmental activists advocate for going vegan. By cutting out meat from your shopping list, you can reduce your environmental footprint by 73 percent!

How it works

Sounds inviting, but what would going vegan really mean in terms of environmentally conscious living? Here are the facts:

  • Lowers demand: The meat and dairy industry are responsible for 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. By not consuming these products, the demand for meat and dairy will decrease, directly lowering emissions!
  • Frees up farmland: Globally, agriculture requires large areas of farmland to be able to meet the current demand for meat and dairy. If the population’s majority became vegan, the need for agricultural areas would diminish. Experts project that if everyone gave up eating processed meat, farmland could be reduced by 75 percent!
  • Encourages greener living: A vegan diet does have long-term effects that help the planet. Environmental experts claim that, by removing the demand for meat products, global acidification, excessive algae growth in bodies of water and harmful land use can all be minimized.

Now you may be wondering, what about sustainably raised animal products? Sure, these products may be more humane and healthier, but, when it comes to our planet’s well-being, any meat products are just not eco-friendly. If you really want to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint, just say no to animal products! Truly, the best way to give a little love back to the environment is to embrace a vegan diet.

Doing your part

After hearing the facts, you may be ready to sign yourself up as a vegan! Props to you for wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, but, as with any new diet, veganism requires a little preparation and foresight. Less cautious people often experience unpleasant side effects of going vegan cold turkey such as serious cravings, headaches and fatigue.

Do yourself a favor and explore the world of veganism one step at a time! By getting to know your options, what animal product to substitute first in your vegan diet, etc., you will become comfortable in your new lifestyle without shocking your body with new foods.

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