Is it more expensive to be a vegan?

is it more expensive to be veganLike anything worth doing, choosing to become a vegan comes with its share of hurdles. From finding good places to eat out to facing the stereotypes you’ll inevitably encounter, veganism is a serious lifestyle change. And, then there’s the financial aspect. Is it more expensive to be a vegan? The answer varies regarding your personal food choices and how committed to the whole lifestyle you become.

For example, replacing meat and fish, which can run you anywhere from five to thirty dollars per pound, with legumes and fresh vegetables, can save a bundle. However, as you learn more about how food is grown and processed, chances are that you’ll begin to look for better quality alternatives to what is found in your local grocery store. And, shopping in specialty stores can be more expensive.

Is it more expensive to be vegan?

The benefits outweigh the additional costs

If you’ve already committed to veganism or have done a fair amount of research, however, you already know that the benefits of going vegan far outnumber the downsides. One of the most impactful of which is reducing the number of synthetics you consume. Pesticides used in large farm operations, chemicals such as antibiotics given to farm animals, and genetically modified organisms in plants are all things that make their way into the food supply.

Currently, there is no definitive information regarding the long-term effects of these synthetically created substances on the human body. One of the top benefits of veganism it that eliminating meat and dairy from your diet will automatically reduce your exposure to these potentially damaging substances. The more you learn about these issues, the more discerning of a consumer you’ll become.

Part of the expense of being vegan may be incurred when, armed with this wealth of information, you find yourself shopping for healthier alternatives in the organic aisle or health food stores. And, as you become more discerning about what you put in your body, you’ll find yourself reading labels and choosing things like vegan supplements over the alternative made with animal byproducts.

Saving more than money

Vegan Life Nutrition supplements are 100% organic, vegan, and free of synthetic ingredients. While overhauling your diet and making lifestyle changes requires a big effort in the beginning, the payoff is more than simply taking on a healthy lifestyle. Not purchasing meat and animal byproducts allows you to “speak with your wallet” against the many negative impacts of raising animals for food.

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